Renamed Cinema the Alleys. Gonna meet with Nipper tomorrow, work on the map. About 50% done, but I figured out what I want to put in.


Cinema is too short... might have to extend it more and make it The Alleys instead. Made a spot where you have to double back, but it's not gonna be enough and people will just go straight there after finding out where it is.


Picture of Cinema. Need some ideas for the second level, I'm thinking a drifting jeep with stereo playing L4D2 theme would be fun to ride around town, but need ideas. Can't just be a deadout DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE course, but that's ok for a small stretch.


Working on the 1st campaign, need ideas for name. First level, The Cinema, almost done, but needs some aesthetic touch-ups and some eventing. Thinking about second level, no definite ideas yet. Not sure when we'll be done. I'll post pics soon.