About Us

Blockland: ZOMBIE CAMPAIGNS is an group that makes zombie campaigns for use with ZAPT and Rotondo's zombie mod on Blockland. Current members include me (Wolfie), Plowshare, and NipperDipper24. Any applications for builders or eventers would be greatly appreciated. And no, this is not a clan, it's a group.
Suggestions for helping out:
    -Get ALL Tier Tactical.
    -Get L4D2 theme and Xample's MISCELLANEOUS ONLY.
    -Get ZAPT and Rot's zombie mod (on RTB).
    -Get ZAPT client. It's epic, but it's part of v2, so it won't work until v2 comes around.
    There are some other things, but this is the stuff that would take a while to load.      
-Try to get some quirks in. Don't make a dead out run to the safehouse. Make some spots where the zombies can really take you down if you're not careful to make teamwork necessary, and make spots where they have to wait (like the garage door in The Subway).